Work place drug testing and the number of workers being tested in New Zealand has increased - ODS (Onsite Drug Screening) are here to assist you in meeting your legal obligations and reduce workplace accidents.

Employers have a responsibility under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 to take all practicable steps to make the workplace safe for employees and people in and around the workplace. An employee impaired by alcohol or drugs is a hazard.

Onsite drug screening is a cost effective and instant method of testing. You will receive a full report and a copy of the result at the end of the testing process.

What is a drug test?
Drug screening test will look at the most common drugs found in our day to day surroundings. Our onsite test are used for general screening, Pre-screen cup has six panels for screening the common drugs of abuse including some forms of synthetic cannabis.

The test will screen for the following.

Who can be tested?
Job Applicants
Court directed persons

Urinate into a container (Pre-screen urine drug test cup)
We place the lid the on the cup and wait 5mints for the results...
Record all process on a chain of custody report, copy to employee one to employer and one for our records.
This test can’t tell you exactly how much of a drug was used or exactly when it was used. Laboratory testing is necessary to confirm this process.

Drug Affect:
Drugs affect people in different ways and are metabolised (processed) by people differently. Results of drug tests are always unique to the person who was tested. This means that you and a friend could take the same amount of a drug at the same time and have the same type of drug test, but have different test results. This is because individual things about you and your drug use can affect results.
A positive Urine Test does not necessarily mean the subject was under the influence of the drug at the time of the test, rather it detects and measures use of a particular drug within the previous few days.

Tests can be modified to detect particular substances, this includes:
The Strength of the drug
How much of it you use
How you use it (e.g. drunk, smoked, injected)
How often you use it
What other drugs you use
Tolerance to the drug
Gender and age
Overall health and wellbeing

Detection Time after last used:
Cannabis up to 10 days (infrequent use) or 30 days of longer
Opiates 2 to 4 days (frequent use)
Amphetamines 2 to 5 days (frequent use)
Cocaine 2 to 3 days
Benzodiazepines up to 2 weeks